Monthly Report of Apache SeaTunnel Community in March

Apache SeaTunnel
2 min readApr 9, 2024

The SeaTunnel Community Monthly Report is a document that records the significant weekly updates within the SeaTunnel community, showcasing the project’s activity and development direction. In recent updates, we can see that the SeaTunnel community has made numerous efforts to enhance the high scalability, performance, and reliability of data synchronization.

Community Contributors

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to all community members who have contributed to SeaTunnel. In March, the following community stars (listed in no particular order) made wonderful contributions to Apache SeaTunnel:

  • @CheneyYin
  • @lightzhao
  • @zhilinli123
  • @mosence
  • @litiliu
  • @luohoufu
  • @liunaijie
  • @loveyang1990
  • @xiaochen-zhou
  • @lihjChina
  • @dzygoon
  • @liugddx
  • @Carl-Zhou-CN
  • @Hisoka-X
  • @hailin0
  • @rewerma
  • @JueLance
  • @ShaunWuu
  • @dailai
  • @wineternity
  • @ilsl1007
  • @Ivan-gfan
  • @LeonYoah

Their contributions range from bug fixes to performance improvements, new feature implementations, and documentation updates. These efforts have significantly improved the stability and functionality of SeaTunnel, making it a more robust and reliable tool for data synchronization.

Highlights of the Month

Some of the notable improvements and features added to SeaTunnel include:

  • Bug fixes for various connectors, such as Doris/StarRocks and Elasticsearch, ensure better compatibility and stability.
  • Enhancements to the SQL transformation capabilities, including the resolution of scale loss issues and typecast errors.
  • The introduction of new features like support for writing attributes, partition keys, and primary keys in the PaiMon database and the acceleration of data writing to PostgreSQL databases using Copy statements.
  • Optimizations to the performance of multi-table sink writers and the preparation and commits of tasks in Zeta.
  • The addition of support for various file formats, including ORC and XML, and the introduction of type converters for these formats.

Documentation and Community Support

The community has also made significant strides in improving documentation and providing support. This includes:

  • The correction of typos and the updating of REST API documentation.
  • The addition of Chinese support for various documentation pages, makes it more accessible to a broader audience.
  • The enhancement of the project’s Dockerfiles and the updating of SQL UDF documentation for Apache DolphinScheduler.


The SeaTunnel community’s dedication to continuous improvement and collaboration is evident in the monthly report. The contributions made by community members not only enhance the project’s capabilities but also ensure that SeaTunnel remains a powerful and reliable solution for data synchronization. The community’s efforts in updating documentation and providing support further strengthen the project’s position as a valuable resource for developers and users alike.



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